Murphy has an awesome lilac tri color along with amazing muscle structure. She has a wide huge growing chest and shoulders. Murphy is such a sweet girl who loves playing with all of the other dogs and loves people and children.  She is more than willing to play when it is time, but also willing to cuddle down with you for as long as you want. Last but not least, her pedigree is absolutely stacked with some of the biggest XL’s to ever roam this earth.  We absolutely know she is gonna produce monsters when paired up with the perfect male.


Marley is a tri-merle pitbull bully. She has such a great and extremely beautiful color that you can get. It’s really hard to find the smart and high-quality XL Merle-colored pitbull bully that Marley is. She is a first pick Merle pitbull bully female from breeding of XL merle pitbull bully Phantom. She inherited an amazing XL pitbull family temperament from her mother Bella and great athletic pitbull structure from her dad Swag’s Phantom. That girl is a very built XL pitbull with incredible drive and unique blue merle tri markers.