How to find the best dog food for American Bullies?

How to find the best dog food for American Bullies?

How to find the best dog food for American Bullies? Next to getting a pet, it’s probably the most challenging. A healthy and happy dog is, first of all, a breeder’s merit. That’s why, if you are purchasing a purebred bully, find a trusted breeder with healthy puppies. Once the dog is yours, the responsibility to make him a healthy and strong dog is also yours, and the first question the newly-minted owner of a four-legged friend has is what to feed a bully puppy. Here are the
questions you should answer; Is it a puppy or an adult bully? Is it a large or medium-sized breed? Let’s discuss all the cases one by one.


Bully feeding chart for puppies and adults.


Proper nutrition from the first months of a puppy is a warranty to healthy and strong adulthood throughout the dog’s lifespan.


4-6 weeksmother’s milk
7-12 weeksmother’s milk and softened puppy kibble
13 weeks – 6 months large/medium breed puppy food*.

Feed according to the feeding guide on the back of the bag. Divide daily feeding
amount in 3-4 feedings

7-18 monthssame as above

but divided into 2-3 feedings (most dogs do great
when fed twice a day, but some puppies require more frequent feeding for a little
longer than others)

Adult dog (under 7-8 years old) adult large/medium breed dog food*.

Feed according to the feeding guide on the back of the bag. Divide the daily feeding amount
in 1-2 feedings

Senior dog (over 8 years old)senior large/medium breed dog food*.

Feed according to the feeding guide on the back of the bag. Divide the daily feeding amount
in 2 feedings

Chart by  Anush Melkonyan


* Please note – make sure that the food that you chose passed the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) feeding trials, that information you can find on the label. Also, grain-free diets are not recommended unless specifically advised by your veterinarian, since it’s been linked to heart disease in dogs.

When choosing the food, consult with your veterinarian if your dog has any pre-existing health conditions, which may mean that over-the-counter diets may not be suitable for your pup’s health in the long run. During the fast growth phase, and thereafter – you should evaluate your dog’s body condition score and make sure that he/she is not overweight. You can learn how to do it by following the link below. If you do see that your puppy is overweight you will need to adjust the amount of daily food intake accordingly.


What is the best dog food for American Bully?


There are four types of food you can choose from, and all of them are acceptable as bully dog food. The choices are pretty individual, so you can experiment with them and find the best alternative. Never change the food abruptly, since that can cause indigestion. Let’s see which are those types.


Kibble or Dry food.


Kibble or dry food is, so far, the most practical and economical option. It comes in medium-sized bags that can be conveniently stored. It is also a better option to keep their teeth clean.


Canned or pouch wet food.


The price is higher than for dry food. It also has higher water content, which means lower nutritional value. The pouch is not the best sole source of puppy food for bullies. If you want to experiment with wet food, pay attention to the ingredients and ensure they meet the dog’s nutritional needs. When giving canned food and dry food together, don’t mix them in the same bowl, but serve them separately.


Human-grade fresh dog food.


Human-grade Fresh dog food is crafted by vets and is made of high-quality natural ingredients. They are designed for your dog’s age, weight, and special needs. It is a high-priced food item. The best thing you can do is to combine regular dry food with a human grade as a special treat. Always follow the storage requirements of this food, since it doesn’t contain any preservatives and goes bad quickly.




Home-cooked It is the least effective and hard-to-follow food type, especially as a bully puppy food and for dogs that need special nutrition. Home-cooked food can be an option if you have knowledge, skills, and time. If choosing to feed a home-cooked diet to your dog – make sure to have a consultation with a veterinary board-certified nutritionist ahead of time, so they can provide you with a balanced, ideal recipe that fits your dog’s individual requirements.


How to keep your bully at the right weight.

Fit XL bully; pitbull in a good shape

This is Max

Our four-legged friends DO love to eat, especially when the owner doesn’t control the amount of their daily portion. As an owner, you need to be vigilant and control your bully’s diet. The portions may differ based on the exact size (medium or large), genetics, the nutritious value of food, and overall health. Regular exercise is the main component of an active and healthy dog, especially when it comes to bully. You can refer to the link above in this article to learn how to evaluate your pet’s ideal body condition score.