Things to Know About American Bully

Things to Know About American Bully

If you see a dog grinning from ear to ear, it is probably an American Bully, a doughnut full of love. This bundle of muscles is actually very affectionate and sweet-hearted. It originated in the US and is an artificially bred cross between the American Pitbull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, and bulldog. Despite its fierce look, the breed is known to be family-oriented and fond of kids. They are even called “nanny dogs.”
Pay attention to its size to not confuse an American bully with a pit bull. It is medium-sized at 16–20 inches tall and 30–65 pounds, but the parameters may change depending on the type (exotic, micro, XL bully, and XXL bully).


10 facts about American Bully

An American Bully is an absolute favorite to become your new family member. Still, as a responsible person, you need to learn everything about the dog you are about to adopt.


American bully is not a pitbull

It is a common misconception, but as already mentioned, those two dogs are absolutely different. They differ in appearance, traits, and standards.


Pitbull vs. American Bully

If you are thinking of choosing between these two breeds, consider these differences:
Head size: An American bully has a larger head for its body size.
Leg length: American bully has shorter legs than a pit bull.
Muscles: Generally, American bullies’ muscles are massive and well-defined.


Temperament and personality of an American bully

Forget about the stereotypes and get to know the American bully as a breed with a kind temperament. We can describe American bullies as friendly, mellow, and sweet, with no aggression. They love attention and hate being left alone for long periods. They love kisses, head tilts, and licks.


American bully size

Just like pit bulls, American bullies have different sizes which are critical factors when choosing your pet. They differ in size and weight.

  • Standard: A male bully is 17–20 inches; a female bully is 16–19 inches.
  • Classic: This type is the same height as the standard but is less muscular with narrow frames.
  • Pocket: A male bully is 14–17 inches; a female bully is 13–16 inches. Other characteristics are similar to the standard type.
  • XL: A male bully is 20–23 inches; a female is 19–22 inches. It is the largest size for American bullies.


The cost of bully puppies

American bully puppies are really expensive. The average price for a puppy ranges from $7000 to $20000. The highest price recorded was $250.000 for a puppy. The cost depends on the breeder, the bloodline, etc. You can see our available puppies here.


An American bully can live for up to 13 years

Your four-legged friend will be a loyal companion for over ten years as long as you take proper care of it. Be informed about the breed’s common health issues and get regular consultations with the vet.
Here is a list of common health issues:
Elbow dysplasia
Hip dysplasia
Demodectic mange
Cerebellar abiotrophy
Progressive Retinal Atrophy
Cleft palate or lip
Luxating patella
Congenital heart failure
These health issues could be genetic or caused by a poor diet, food allergies, or poor eating habits. Read about the pit bull food diet here.


Diet of the American Bully

Depending on the size of the pup, the portions vary. The common rule for the breed is 30 calories per pound, but it is highly advised to consult with a vet.


The American bully is easy to train

Like pit bulls, American bullies are known for being very motivated and ready to please their owners with good behavior. If trained at an early age with consistency, dogs grow up very smart and intelligent and can serve as great service dogs.


The American bully is very active

The breed has inexhaustible energy and requires enough exercise not to get bored. When bored, they become destructive. Regular outdoor activities are the best to keep them active.


American bully requires little grooming

The breed is characterized by a short coat groomed once a week. You can do easy grooming at home without the help of a professional service. The American bully doesn’t like low temperatures. Make sure your pet wears a sweater or jacket when going outside. You can read more about it here



An American bully is bred to become your family member and live with your children. This adorable bundle of muscles gives you the most heart-melting smile when you are around and has nothing to do with aggressive behavior. An American bully makes a perfect companion for being loving, affectionate, and loyal.